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Mary Bailey & Will


What a dream! This day was filled with so much gorgeousness and so many bright colors (and have I mentioned that I want those to make a come back so badly?!?!). At the beginning of the week the forecast called for thunder storms but by Saturday it was all clear and sunny. Mary Bailey also told me before the wedding “Will might get teary when I walk down the aisle but he is generally pretty composed”. Scroll down to see how sweetly non-composed he was during their first look.

Kate & Meade


Before each wedding I send my couple a questionnaire so I can make sure I get all the photos they want on their wedding day. When I asked Kate what the most important pictures are to her, here is what she said, “Life happening! I adore the candids you take and those are the ones I admire most from other people’s wedding photos.  I want to capture my sweet little nieces as flower girls because they are only little once. I want to capture Meade making me laugh because that’s why I fell in love with him. I want to capture our parents whom we are very lucky to have during such an exciting chapter in our lives. I want to capture his grandfather who is our last living grandparent. I want to capture our family and friends enjoying this day- it would be so incomplete without them! “ I just love that answer! It’s poetic and beautiful and every reason I love being a photographer. And all I can really say about this entire day is wow. It was special. The end.

Lizzie & Pat


If you ever need a reason to smile Lizzie and Pat would certainly give you one. They are the most fun couple ever! And adorable doesn’t even begin to describe them but let’s start there. I listened to all of their friends and family describe them in toasts at the rehearsal dinner and even after two hours there were still new ways to describe them. They are so very loved and within seconds of meeting them I knew just how lovable they really are. Oh, and this day! Lizzie planned it all so perfectly from the Trolley ride to the Fat Tuesday touches to the most amazing reception. And in the middle of all of that was just so much love. Enjoy!

Suzanne & Ken


Once, twice, three times a MARRIED lady…all in one day! Yup, that’s right - this amazing couple made it official three times just a few weeks ago. Once at the courthouse, once at Suzanne’s mom’s house and once at an adorable AirBnb here in Knoxville in front of family and friends. No doubt, there was a lot of emotions for this special day. Suzanne planned this wedding so that her mom could attend but being too sick with cancer made it impossible for her to attend. The moments she did get to spend with her mom were some of the most special I’ve ever captured. Amidst the rain that fell all day, Suzanne and Ken were surrounded by so much love. This day was perfection, right down to the dogs that made themselves right at home during the ceremony and reception. Enjoy this love…

Aly & Rob


My last wedding of 2018 went out with a gorgeous bang! It was a perfect winter day! Ok, truth be told it didn’t really feel like winter with highs in the upper 50’s, which ended up great for outside photos! And Rob’s little girl Aubrey might have stolen the show just a little but mostly because there is just so much love between this new little family of three. Noah’s Event venue in Kingston completely took my breathe away with how beautiful it was! The draping on the ceiling and the floating cake and the gorgeous lights everywhere - what a classy way to end the night.