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Katherine & Will


When I say that Katherine has been planning her wedding day since she was a little girl I really mean it! She had her dress picked out so many years ago - a dress from the 1890’s worn by 20 other women including her mom. The pearls she wore were gifts from her grandmother - she collected just a few of them every year for many years and then never wore them all together until her wedding day. And all of this history incorporated into this day makes perfect sense knowing that these two met while working in the Senate in Washington, D.C. and that played such an important role in their relationship that it became a big part of their celebration too - hello presidential masks, red, white and blue lights, and even an end of the evening motorcade. Katherine new she wanted to get married in her hometown church and she always dreamed of the roses at her home being in bloom for photos (guess what, they were!). But she still got to pick out a fun party dress for the day too when she decided she was too nervous something would happen to the dress at the reception. There was so much sentimental beauty in this day. Katherine even cried looking at her flowers for the first time! I loved this historic day with such a gorgeous couple!