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Rachel & Ryan

"My #1 goal is to get married today.  But my second goal is to not drop this veil in the toilet".  ~ Rachel

I'd say those are two very good goals to have on your wedding day! Oh the quotes they spatted off all day. I probably should have carried a journal with me to write them all down in. All of my couples are just amazing but I seriously love this couple so much.  Their wedding ceremony was just so beautiful and thoughtful.  Not only was it centered around their love for each other but also the love they share for others in the world.  The arbor that they stood under was built by Rachel & Ryan based on the tradition of the chuppah symbolizing the home the couple will build together. The structure remains open on all sides, allowing love to freely enter the home, in order to welcome guests in unconditional hospitality.  And if building an arbor wasn't enough, Rachel also hand painted the programs which were gorgeousness. They were married at The Lily Barn in Townsend with the fall colors just barely popping out for them.  Rachel wore her grandmother & mother's veil (and lime green shoes) & the guests painted water color photos in the guest book.

These two are just plain fun and laughter. They decided to have all of their guests throw lavendar on them after the ceremony.  Rachel had it stuck in her braids for the rest of the night but she just laughed and had the best time with the people she loves. I'm so honored to share these pictures. These two are something special...