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Adaira & Matthew Wedding


Adaira & Matthew got married at Patten Chapel in Chattanooga because of it’s history/age, the biblical theological references throughout the space and the architecture. And then they got thrown a few curveballs when the reception had to be moved a few times before landing at the Read House. But truth be told it felt like the perfect way to cap off their traditional day. Her handmade veil stitched together by her grandmothers and the basin and pitcher used for the foot washing made by her great grandmother show just how close Adaira is to her grandparents. She said those photos were among some of the most important to her throughout the whole day. Isn’t that the sweetest? Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this beautiful day…

Cory & Matthew at RT Lodge


If there was ever any doubt that Cory & Matt were the adventurous type they debunked that on their wedding day. Any crazy idea I had - climb up this tree, walk across this one - they were totally game for. But when you get married in the woods in August I would say that’s a given for an adventurous heart. But these two loving souls said “I Do” at RT Lodge on the PERFECT day. If you have a light breeze in August take it and run! I loved spending last Saturday with these two people who love each other and love their family and friends.

Venue: RT Lodge

Florist: Colby West

Videographer: Mountain Tree Film Company

Band: The Company Band

Laura & Josh


The entire week before Laura & Josh’s wedding I prayed for no rain. I crossed my fingers that the weather forecast would change. I pretty much told everyone I knew to do the same. Because, you see, Laura had these visions of getting married in her grandmother’s gardens that she and her family had fully restored. And Allison Gaddis of Live, Laugh, Love Weddings had seen her entire vision through down to every last detail. The team of vendors that was assembled, well - we were all so excited about this day. And if I could’ve picked one day out of the year for it to not rain, I would’ve picked this one. But, rain it did. We were all pretty bummed that the ceremony and reception were moved out of the gardens and under a tent. But it was perfect. It was more then perfect - it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. The rain stopped long enough for us to do photos in the gardens and the sun even poked out. And then it rained for about 5 minutes during the reception - long enough for us to get some really cool nighttime photos! Because of all the days I was determined to get amazing photos for these two because of the rain, not despite the rain. Oh man did I love photographing this couple! From Josh’s tears to the surprise of puppy dog Sully being a part of the day. They are sweet and gorgeous and downright hilarious.

Here are some of the people who made this past Saturday so amazing:

Wedding Designer: Live, Laugh, Love Weddings

Florist: Samuel Franklin

DJ: Sequoyah Entertainment

Catering: Bradford Catering

Rentals: All Occassions

Videography: Milestone Pictures

Hair & Makeup: Southern Sirens

Lighting: Bright Events

Invitations & Programs: The Happy Envelope

Katherine & Will


When I say that Katherine has been planning her wedding day since she was a little girl I really mean it! She had her dress picked out so many years ago - a dress from the 1890’s worn by 20 other women including her mom. The pearls she wore were gifts from her grandmother - she collected just a few of them every year for many years and then never wore them all together until her wedding day. And all of this history incorporated into this day makes perfect sense knowing that these two met while working in the Senate in Washington, D.C. and that played such an important role in their relationship that it became a big part of their celebration too - hello presidential masks, red, white and blue lights, and even an end of the evening motorcade. Katherine new she wanted to get married in her hometown church and she always dreamed of the roses at her home being in bloom for photos (guess what, they were!). But she still got to pick out a fun party dress for the day too when she decided she was too nervous something would happen to the dress at the reception. There was so much sentimental beauty in this day. Katherine even cried looking at her flowers for the first time! I loved this historic day with such a gorgeous couple!