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Karen & Josh


Meet my friend Karen! You guys can probably already tell what a stunning little babe she is but goodness, she probably has one of the most beautiful hearts as well. She is a complete advocate for kids with cancer, giving most of her time and talents to bettering their lives. And before I even met Josh, I knew that he had changed her. Even on social media it seemed like there was this light in her that wasn’t there before. Every photo she posted all I could think was “wow, she looks so happy”. And then I saw them together and I instantly knew that they just fit. They’re now this precious little family with daughter Ava who was beyond excited for this day. It does my heart so much good to re-live all of the love from this day…

Aly & Adam


Oh man am I excited to share these photos! Every now and then you meet this couple that is so full of life. They’re this special blend of sweet and kind and fun and gorgeous and basically just all of the things. That is Aly and Adam. They squeeze every person they know so tightly when they hug them. They enjoy each their friends and family so much. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a bride cry as she exited the wedding ceremony but sweet Aly sure did seem to be so overwhelmed with love that it hit her right in that moment. Ugh, this couple is just so precious and I could go on and on. But instead I’ll just let you enjoy the photos from this amazing day…

Landon & Jacob


Sometimes people will ask me if it is ok for their fur baby to be a part of their photo shoot. And to them I always say, “give me all of the fur babies”! Hello, dog lover here! So I was over the moon excited when Landon and Jacob wanted Charlie to be a part of their wedding day. She is such a little model dog! And these three make such a sweet family now. So much of this day was wrapped up in family with the reception being at the house and farm Landon grew up in. The magnolia leaves in her bouquet came from the farm as did some of the food at the reception! And I love that she snuck away with her dad for a quick second to do some sunset photos with him (as well as Jacob) because Landon and her dad often text sunset pictures to each other when they aren’t together. So sweet!

CC & Evan


If you were to ever try to tell me that there is a sweeter couple on this planet then CC & Evan I probably won’t believe you. These two come from the most precious families and they’ve waited for this day for some time. I was so honored to be their photographer as they said I do at St. John Neumann and then celebrated at Fox Den Country Club. And just check out the beautiful sunset!

Brittni & Blake


She wanted the celebration at the house she grew up in.  She saw her groom for the first time on a step she used to call her "stage" where she made her parents watch her sing and dance.  And they prayed together and wiped away each other's tears there too.  She carried a piece of her mom's wedding dress around her bouquet.  Her sweet sister's cried as she walked down the aisle.  Her dad busted out the best dance moves on the dance floor.  So to say this wedding was a family affair is such an understatement.  I seriously love this couple - their families, their union, their love.  And two things that are still blowing my mind - we had a breeze in July (what?) and we had so much time to photograph this couple in so many amazing places.  At home and at Berry College (the most beautiful college campus in the whole entire world).  This was such a special wedding day and I'm so excited to share these photos...


Carrie & Matthew


Seriously, every time I finish a wedding I think "I don't think it's possible for me to love a couple more".  And then I do!  If I loved Carrie and Matthew and their wedding day any more I'd probably have to marry them too!  This couple is so much fun and so sweet in every way.  I have loved getting to know them and seeing their big smiles on their wedding day.  And how beautiful is Jackson Terminal and Downtown Knoxville?  I love showing off this city I love!

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